10 Reasons Why

50 Classic Redneck Movies

10 Reasons Redneck Movies

It’s amazing how messing with just a word or two in a title can totally change your marketing demographic…

1. “The Combine Strikes Back”

2. “Lawrence of Alabama”

3. “The Sound of Mooing”

4. “A Streetcar Named Bessie Mae”

5. “From Here to That Tree over Yonder”

6. “The Best Beers of Our Lives”

7. “Close Encounters of the Inbred Kind”

8. “The Last Shack on the Left”

9. “A Nightmare on Elmer’s Road”

10. “The Crankshaft Redemption”

11. “Harry Potter and the Hoarder of the Peanuts”

12. “Tom Saw Her”

13. “Butch Cassidy and the Totally Not-Gay Kid”

14. “Goatbusters”

15. “Field of Rusted Cars”

16. “Seven Bulls for Seven Brothers”

17. “The Clodfather”

18. “Greased”

19. “Mr. Smith Don’t Know Where Washington Is So He Can’t Go There”

20. “Gallbladder’s Travels”

21. “Mississippi Yearning”

22. “Forrest Stump”

23. “Moonshine over Miami”

24. “Pulp Fixins”

25. “Gone with the Septic Tank”

26. “The Silence of the Lambs”

27. “The Good, the Bad, and the Home-Schooled”

28. “Good, Will Hunting”

29. “Rosemary’s Baby Ain’t Mine”

30. “Ground Hog Day”

31. “The Texas Chainsaw Hoedown”

32. “Kill Bill and Anybody Else Who Done Trespassed”

33. “Peggy Sue Was Forced to Get Married”

34. “Dirty Barn-Dancing”

35. “Flowers in the Hayloft”

36. “Adventures in Babymaking”

37. “When Harry Met Cousin Sally”

38. “Not So Pretty Woman”

39. “What’s Eating Gilbert’s Grapes?”

40. “Natural Born Tillers”

41. “Once Upon a Time in the Outhouse”

42. “Raiders of the Lost Spittoon”

43. “Singin’ in the Grain”

44. “Dial M for Manure”

45. “The Princess Bridle”

46. “There Will Be Booze”

47. “The Best Years of Our Illegitimate Lives”

48. “Strangers on a Thresher”

49. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia’s Wolf?”

50. “Apocalypse Cow”


(Originally posted in “The Sound and the Fury” on 07/06/12. Revised and edited with extra flair for this post.)


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