Past Imperfect – #062615

SR 062615

Mommy: “The end. Now, wasn’t that a lovely fairytale?”

Sally: “Well…”

Billy: “I don’t think the Prince is going to be very happy.”

Mommy: “But he got to marry the princess!”

Sally: “I don’t think he really wanted to marry her. He only did it because the families made him.”

Billy: “I think he wanted to marry the stable boy.”

Mommy: “The stable boy?”

Sally: “Yes, Bruce the Poor! He and Prince McDreamy  always had so much fun together, at least when the prince’s father wasn’t around, being all snooty and making people do stuff for him.”

Billy: “And they never talked about girls when they were away from court. I think the Prince is going to be sad now, because he didn’t get to do what he wanted to do.”

Mommy: “But the Prince can’t marry another man. It’s part of the rules.”

Sally: “Well, it’s a stupid rule.”

Billy: “You’re supposed to marry for love.”

Mommy, pausing to make sure that Gladys, next door, wasn’t once again leaning as far as she could out her window to try and catch every bit of dialogue and then run tell everybody, because Gladys was an annoying piece of work: “Well, I think you’re both right. It’s not fair that we have rules that only hurt certain people.”

Sally: “Then let’s change the rules!”

Billy: “How do we do it?”

Mommy: “It’s not that easy. There are a lot of people who like these rules, where they get to decide what other people do with their lives.”

Sally: “Why do they get to decide? Shouldn’t they only worry about things that affect them?”

Billy: “Why are they more important than me?”

Mommy paused again, letting things click in her mind, then smiled, grasping Billy’s hand. “No one is more important than my children, my family.” Then grasping Sally’s, squeezing both. “I only want what’s best for you. I want you be happy, whatever it takes to get you there.”

Sally: “So you think princes can marry princes?”

Billy: “And princesses can marry princesses?”

Mommy: “Why shouldn’t I? Love comes in a lot of interesting packages, but until we can get everybody to understand that, it may take some time before you can pick the package that suits you. Some people don’t like change. It scares them. Because accepting change means they might have to rethink anything they’ve ever been taught by other people who didn’t like change. And some people, well, some people are just mean in their heart. They don’t want anybody to be happy, because they are unhappy themselves.”

Sally: “Like Gladys next door?”

Mommy smiled again: “Something like that, only I think Gladys wouldn’t be that way if her husband paid more attention to her.”

Billy: “Maybe he should have married a prince instead.”

Mommy: “Maybe.” She closed the book and ran her fingers over the embossed cover. “It will take some time before everyone in the kingdom can be happy. But perhaps someday, someday soon, everyone in this country will be able to marry the person that they love.”

Suddenly, there was a jubilant knock at the door…


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