Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #208

SR 1208

At the Institute for the Analysis of Sexual Innuendo in Pre-Code Hollywood Films, a discussion took place concerning this image:

Scientist #1, also an amateur poet: “To me, it’s about rebirth, with the caterpillar becoming a butterfly and whatnot. It’s very moving and symbolic.”

Scientist #2, a feminist: “Gladys, please, save your Pollyanna crap for someone who cares. This is clearly about male domination.”

Scientist #3, a reformed pole dancer: “Male domination? How is that little twig going to dominate anything?”

Scientist #4, a transgender:  “Both of them are clearly uncomfortable about having a penis.”

Scientist #5, an LBTQI counselor: “Oh, neither one of them has a problem with penises. Look at Clark’s face. He is very happy that the penis topic has been brought to the table. You just won’t get any hint of that mess in their official bios.”

Scientist #6, home-schooled: “What is this penis word that you all keep mentioning?”

Scientist #7, an existentialist: “The peppermint Lifesaver on the one guy’s belt loop symbolizes that we are all essentially rutting animals.”

Scientist #8, a former salon owner: “Yes, and Peppermint Paddy needs somebody to work on that hair. Was he going for the breach-birth look?”

Scientist #9, an activist: “Well, I guess those guns in the background means the NRA jammed through some legislation requiring that firearms appear in all movies. And most of Congress wet themselves racing to make it the law of the land.”

Scientist #10, a Freudian: “Sometimes a caterpillar is just a caterpillar.”


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  1. Scientist #11 an actual factual scientist (which, I’m pretty sure is how they refer to themselves when people ask what they do for a living): “Hey, how did all of you get in here!?! This is a lab, where we do actual science, not gossip about black and white movie actors who were probably suppressing their homosexual des–Awww dammit, now you have me doing it! Get out of here! Let me get back to sciencing.”

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    • “His ears are too big and he looks like an ape.” – Darryl F. Zanuck, then an executive at Warner Brothers and apparently a man of great political correctness, during screen testing for 1931’s Little Caesar…


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