Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #263

SR 1263

Marlene: “It would be nice if you would actually pay attention when I wear a new outfit. Would it kill you to do so?”

Gary: “Well, to be fair, you haven’t said a word about my fetching Legionnaire hat. I had it especially made in Morocco.”

Marlene: “We’re already in Morocco. So you basically sat there and snapped your fingers.”

Gary: “You’re sounding rather bitter, even for someone from Germany.”

Marlene: “So you’re getting nationalistic now? How trite. I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

Gary: “I’m guessing you saw my bank account.”

Marlene: “Fair enough. The numbers did make me tingle. My accountant actually did a handspring.”

Gary: “Are you sure he wasn’t trying to get away from the corpse of whatever bird you slaughtered in the making of that boa?”

Marlene: “You do make me laugh, even when you annoy me. Perhaps we should try to work this out? Should I order another round?”

Gary: “When would that ever not be a good idea? But I do have one final question.”

Marlene: “Ask away.”

Gary: “What’s up with the wicker basket? Is Toto in there?”


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  1. To Gary’s credit, I applaud him for keeping his eyes up top and not reverting to a Tex Avery cartoon with his eyes popping out and yelling something about her “gams”. Is it sad that we should applaud black and white characters (anyone born before 1960 is exclusively in black and white) for not being an objectifying misogynist?

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    • Perhaps Gary WAS a gentleman with decent decent social behavior. Perhaps Marlene’s stunning facial beauty was enough to tame a roving eye. Perhaps both of them were under the hypnotic control of Toto in the basket. We may never know… 😉


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