Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #265

SR 1265

Kim: “I seem to have snagged my dress on something and I’m unable to release my pent-up desires.”

William: “Who cares about your dress? I’ve got my shirt caught on this dead Cooter Tree and it’s making me pose in an unrealistic manner.”

Kim: “Well, at least your pecs look dreamy, especially that glaring nipple. They made me wear this crappy bra that does nothing to lift and separate.”

William: “And what’s up with all the sand? This movie is supposed to be in Kansas, not some South Pacific island that Marlon Brando will eventually buy.”

Kim: “But still, that nipple. I’m intoxicated.”

William: “It’s probably just the fumes from my hair gel.”


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  1. LOL! Chat up line of the century! I may just use it.

    Me-“Er…excuse me Mr sexy bus driver man, I seem to have snagged my dress in the door and I’m unable to release my pent-up desires.”

    Bus driver- “That’s it, I’m calling the police.”

    That nipple is quite intoxicating though.

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  2. Am I the only one who sees the body hair on a certain part and lack of hair all over?
    Maybe it was a chest wax job at the set, just so we notice the man nipple.
    What’s happening to me???!! This is not me.😲 it’s all your fault Brian, these images though, I can’t resist commenting on.

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