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Blogger Spotlight: Jehan at “Island Smile”

Editor’s Note: Jehan is from Sri Lanka, and visiting her site is always entertaining, for two reasons: 1. She posts interesting and colorful recipes that greatly intrigue me. (I have an inordinate fondness for things that I can put in my mouth, especially if they are pretty.) 2. More importantly, she often opens each post with a clever, witty story about her family life, such as the example pasted below. Enjoy…

You can peruse Jehan’s site by clicking here. If you have comments specifically for Jehan, please be gracious enough to make them on her site so she can be assured of receiving your feedback.


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  1. Brian thank you for featuring my post on your blog, its been sitting on my blog for a few weeks without a like except from you, it ends up featured in your blog and 10 likes!!!!. So thank you again.

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  2. How lovely of you to feature a fellow blogger’s work. This is such a wonderful thing you’re doing, promoting the work of colleagues. I wish even more bloggers would get the “there for each other” fever. x

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    • That’s precisely it, we should be “there for each other”.There is so much clutter and noise on the Internet from “fake” bloggers who aren’t really trying that when I stumble across a blog where someone is truly DOING something nice and wonderful I can’t help but want to support them. (And I have have even more of a soft spot for those bloggers who are writing very nice pieces but they only have a handful of followers and hardly any “likes”.) In fact, I’ve been contemplating lately that maybe I should do a piece on the proper way to treat your fellow bloggers (the good ones), and your comment has pushed me to the decision point, I need to do it. So, in your own way, you’re paying it forward as well. Thanks for the push! And I’ll be checking in on your writing as well… 😉

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      • Thanks very much. I make it a policy to give back more than my fair share in terms of time and attention. I read, appreciate and encourage my colleagues. I also ignore the ones who press “publish” and expect to win a Grand Slam of blogging. There is no such thing. I wrote several posts on my blog about the issue. One post is called Hygiene, and may touch on some of the points you’re going to bring up. I would appreciate it if you would give it a read to see if our ideas intersect. Good work and keep it up. x


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