Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #268

SR 1268

Photographer: “Inez, honey, could you put that down?

Inez: “What? The book?”

Photographer: “No, your…. why in the world are you even doing that?”

Inez: “What? Reading?”

Photographer, sighing: “Your leg, Inez.  Are you sending a signal to the Coast Guard?”

Inez: “No, dear. The AC is out in my condo and I’m just trying to cool things off.”


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  1. Ha ha ha ha! Great explanation for an insane scenario. “For the horn-ball who likes cinema but appreciates a flexible lady who enjoys reading, it’s ‘Entertainment Porn’! No matter what type of entertainment you like, we’ll mash ’em all up until we get a combo that turns you on. Like crossword puzzles but also enjoy cheerleaders and have a weird thing for that scene in Jurassic Park where that lady shoves her hand in Triceratops dung? We’ve got the porn for you! Fancy gentlemen who can do The Worm while watching Doctor Who and taking professional photographs!?! We have that! Come on down to Oddly Specific Fetishes for all your oddly specific fetish needs! Check out our mundane turn-on sales the first week of every month.”

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    • LOL! Wow, you picked up the ball and ran with this one, didn’t you? 😉 But I have to give you sterling props for managing to work crossword puzzles, cheerleaders, Jurassic Park, Triceratops dung, The Worm and Doctor Who into one comment. I would sincerely like to be at a party where all of this was going on at one time, because why would you not? I think you should organize a shindig along these lines. Perhaps you could call it the Pickleope Pick-a-Festish, and you could serve odd drinks with even odder names, and there could be a point in the evening when people dressed as TWA flight attendants could do a line dance to YMCA and… wait, I seem to be running with the ball now, and I’m scared of where I’m going… 😉

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  2. I will quietly admit to having done something not dissimilar. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep everything operative. As my husband always said, “Guys, marry a dancer. If she can do a flat split against a doorframe, she do all kinds of fun things!”

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    • And I WAS that girl at one point, doing the flat split, anything to get attention and somehow save me from a meaningless life where nobody was happy. But that was many decades ago, and I have since learned that most medical insurance doesn’t cover the fallout from that crap and I’d best settle down if I hope to live long enough to collect social security. Sad, but true. 😉


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