Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #270

SR 1270

Michael: “My darling, isn’t it lovely, being out in here in the woods?”

Liza: “Well, I suppose you could say that. But there is one thing that’s troubling me…”

Michael, sighing: “I knew this day would come. But I can assure you that despite what you’ve heard at the Kit Kat Klub, I did not sleep with that man from Prague. I slept with your other boyfriend.”

Liza: “Interesting. Remind me to follow up on that at a later time. But right now I’m more concerned about what I’m seeing over there.”

Michael: “Is it someone else that I slept with and shouldn’t have?”

Liza: “Really, dear, it would be nice if you weren’t knocking boots with the entire country, but we have a more pressing issue, so let’s try to focus.”

Michael: “You’re right, my little bearded love. Pray tell, what does thou see on yonder rise?”

Liza: “I believe I am watching an Austrian family running from Nazis while climbing a mountain and singing songs about kittens with whiskers and a female deer and some flower with a long-ass name.”

Michael: “That sounds like a musical I would never go to see.”

Liza: “And now there’s a nun running along and waving a distributor cap. Should we be concerned?”

Michael: “I’m more concerned about how it’s possible for you to close your eyes with all that mascara.”


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  1. That USED to be one of my favourite films, now it’s ruined, RUINED I tell you!
    Why does Ms Minnelli look like a kitten whose tail has been caught in an electrical plug socket?

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    • So I tarnished one of your cinematic experiences? Okay, good. [Checks off item on Master Plan] As for Liza’s expression, I’m sure it’s the same one she has every time she marries a man who turns out to be gay… 😉

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