Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #141

SR 1141

Bather #1: “I just found out about a place called Fire Island!”

Bather #2: “My breasts are not on speaking terms at the moment. I don’t know what happened.”

Bather #3: “Yes, I am wearing a bathing suit. Not that it would matter.”

Bather #4: “I just made a post that I’m really lonely and depressed and then I signed out without any further explanation. Please click like.”

Bather #5: “What do you mean I look like I drink a lot of beer?”

Bather #5.5: “The plane! The plane!”


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    • Isn’t it amazing how one’s body can be so uncooperative, especially as one climbs the “maturity” ladder? Every once in a while I long for the days when I was young and symmetrically streamlined, but then I remember the amazingly stupid decisions I made when I was still in factory condition, and the allure pales. I’ll take the wisdom of the years and my worn out accessories, thank you… 😉

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    • Me, too! Did you see that thing last night where she posted a picture of a cereal bowl with only one Cheerio in it and babbled about how empty her life was? I didn’t click “like”, but I did send her a gallon of milk… 😉


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