Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #111

SR 1111

Laura thought she had the perfect life: Four suitors vying for her hand (even if three of them were related and one of them was her Sunday School teacher), only three children born out of wedlock (a record for her family, as all the women in her line tended to sleep-walk during the Husking Festival and things just happened), two different brands of canned peas in her mercantile emporium (such luxury!), and she was the proud owner of a prize-winning gourd that had taken first place at the Pawhuska County Squash Jamboree. Life was good for one and all.

Then a travelling photographer waltzed into the store, lugging this fancy new thing called a “camera”, along with an “album” of images showing what people who didn’t live in Pawhuska County were doing with their lives. Laura and her homely entourage studied the photos, and they quickly came to the conclusion that perhaps they had not properly grasped the concept of a satisfying life. And it was at this point that the photographer captured his latest image…


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    • You know, something is up with me getting notifications on YOUR posts. I used to get them, but I don’t anymore. I have to go purposely seek out your blog, and considering the fact that I have very little focus in life, I don’t always kick off that journey as often as I should. I’m 10 days late at making a New Year’s resolution, but perhaps I should select this one: “Make sure you are aware when Lily has a literary orgasm.” Wait, that didn’t come out quite right…

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      • The same thing is happening with several other blogs I follow. WordPress is hiding the good stuff. It’s trying to make me feel better about myself by not letting me see the posts that are superior to mine. And for that, I love WordPress, but then I hate it’s guts for making assumptions about my self worth…damn, this passive aggressive thing is catchy.

        The only literary orgasms I have, are the ones I fake…

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