Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #130

SR 1130

Man on the Left: “I know that I am devastatingly handsome , and that aspect alone will get me far in this superficial society, but it doesn’t hurt to give the appearance of actually being concerned about women for more than one reason. Would you like to feel my bicep?”

Woman in the Middle: “Poor Javier. His touch is about as erotic as a dental implant. He won’t get very far, what with the restraining orders and the child-support payments. But I have my own issues, forced to wear an outfit designed by someone who dropped out of school in the third grade and hit her head on the way down.”

Coach Bag on the Right: “Fools. Do they really not understand that I’m the star here? If only one misguided heiress pays the exorbitant cost to own me, my company will be fully funded for the next two decades.”


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