Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #306

SR 1306

Father: “You’ve disappointed me again, Clara.”

Clara: “Whatever could you mean, Father?”

Father: “Coming home drunk again, all tarted up and messy.”

Clara: “How could you possibly think I was drink?”

Father: “”Because you’re talking to the hat rack over there, and I’m over here.”

Clara: “Oh. I was just… it’s an acting thing we learned about… in acting class… where we learn about acting with our eyes… so that we can… what was the question? Do we have any pickles?”

Father: “Do you also learn how to reek of gin in this acting class?”

Clara: “Yes! It’s very avenue garde… like what they do in France… when they are not… making cheese and… French stuff.”

Father: “Clara, your mother and I are very worried about your shameful behavior.”

Clara: “Oh, is Mother here? Is that her behind you? Hi, Mother! That’s a very pretty hat!”


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