Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #313

SR 1313

Howard Hughes: “I’m pleased to meet you, Bette.”

Bette Davis: “Likewise, I’m sure. Thank you for participating in this charity event.”

Howard: “Happy to do so. But what, exactly, are we supporting?”

Bette: “Why, we’re raising funds for a new animal shelter. Surely you read the invitation.”

Howard: “Oh. All I knew is that you were going to be here. And I was hoping that I could support your breasts.”

Bette: “Mr. Hughes, I must object. That’s an unseemly comment. Not unseemly enough that I won’t accept a hefty donation, but still. We must have boundaries.”

Howard: “My apologies. I tend to have odd fixations which eventually become overwhelming obsessions. This is what happens when you have more money than the Pope. Right now, I’m intent on making things aerodynamic, like the Spruce Goose and Jane Russell.”

Bette: “Yes, I’ve heard the rumors. We’re all well aware that you will eventually lose your mind completely and do absurd things in Las Vegas. But that won’t happen for a bit. So before you jump on that express train to crazy, could you scribble out a check or two?”

Howard: “Of course. But I must say that I admire your directness. You are admirably compelling, both as an actress and an owner of breasts. It has something to do with your eyes. They are so emotional. Someone should write a song about it.”

Bette: “You’re so silly, Howard. Why would anyone ever write a song about such a thing?”


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    • The only other song that comes to mind is “Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer”, a duet with Kenny Rogers. I know there are more, and I suppose I could easily google the details, but I have moments of laziness, and this is one of them… 😉

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