Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #65

SR 1065

All of the Hollingsworth women knew that the only way to survive their family reunions was to “step outside for some fresh air”…


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  1. I’m wondering why no3 doesn’t have a purse? Maybe she has stepped outside once too often. Also, their bottle holding techniques are all different, and not very honed by the looks of it – I’m wondering what that would signify about their lives – perhaps you would care to elucidate?

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    • Number Three fully understands that when you are trying to make your escape you need to be light on your feet, so she has jettisoned all unnecessary accessories. As for elucidating on the holding patterns of these women on the edge, I think you have just inspired me to write two Past Imperfects for the same photo. This might start a new trend. Stay tuned!

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      • Oops. Sorry, Peggy. The first reply was actually meant for Claudette above you. (Dang these confusing “reply” buttons.) This one is for you: I can’t reveal names, but I had to pay big money for this photo of your clandestine activities. And I promise that Poor John had nothing to do with the arrangement. Okay, he DID set the meeting up, but that’s all he did. 😉

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        • Oh my, I didn’t anticipate this much excitement about my proposal. (Your spring has sprung? That’s fairly serious. And quivering as well? How will we make it through?) Oh right, I’M the one that needs to make it, by actually owning my comment and doing the deed, unlike my shameful performance with your lovely Emotography experiment where I have yet to be productive. I shall strive to be valiant on both fronts. Unless I get distracted by minor…. hey, who left this toothbrush on the kitchen counter?

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          • 🙂 quivering is really serious – I hardly, ever, never quiver! Thus your pressure meter should now be hovering on the edge of redlining.
            Well, not really, I actually think my quiver could have been a shiver caused by the sprung spring – so, let’s just see how that goes.


    • Hi, Claudette. I must shamefully admit that my original response to you was posted under leggypeggy just below, because I have focus issues.(And, of course, WordPress does not allow you to discreetly rectify wayward comments.) So if you could just scroll down a bit and read my first reply to Peggy, I think that should get all three of us back on the same page. Sigh. One of these days I’m going to learn to pay attention to what I’m doing… 😉

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      • 🙂 WordPress does have some delightful little quirks – like not having a “delete this post that I just made in error because my brain is slush from working/drinking/sleeping all day/night” Really, how could they not have a button for that?

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        • There are SO many mornings when I wake up and think “oh God, what did I do on social media last night that is going to bite me in the ass today?” Yes, we need more buttons to erase any evidence of our moments of madness…

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          • Or, and here is a novel thought, Perhaps we just need to think about what we are doing, when we are doing it ……no, no, I can see that that wouldn’t work for some of us …give me some more buttons – NOW.

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    • That’s EXACTLY what happened to me! (And I believe I was wearing the same outfit when it happened.) I was an angelic little lad, bathed in the glory of goodness, when one of my errant cousins turned to me and asked “Thirsty?” Depravity ensued.

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