Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #79

SR 1079

  This meeting of the Official Congressional Committee on the Reproductive Rights of Women is now in session…


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  1. laughing out loud but keeping my seat. At least now I know why the rules laid down by this esteemed group of hats that are too tight (well except for that guy on the right..he apparently stole his father’s hat..) are incomprehensible to most women. And is there such a thing as ‘vagina envy” do you suppose? Because this group seems to have it..either they never got laid in their lives (and a good way to ensure THAT is to tell a woman what she can do with her own hoo-ha) or they had some ugly toilet training incident in their background and Mommy was responsible for the clothespin or something…o.O Sorry. My mind does go to some dark places and I need to get up and DO something before the day is over… Keep ’em coming Brian…I need the laughs! 😀

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  2. I read your reply and literally spewed crumbs all over my keyboard. Teach ME to eat while trying to read Bonnywood…Will I ever? And some nasty remarks about men from Wyoming and sheep came floating up out of the mind soup, but I prodded them back down again. I don’t need to start a territory war between Utah and Wyoming … after all we have COWS up here and there’ve been rumors… Aren’t women lucky though? Well there was that incident with the horse and that queen (?) from England…

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