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Unexpected Penetration: The Randomness of Keyword Searches

Village of the Damned 7

As is the case with any serious blogger, I try to analyze what may or may not be leading folks to my site. There are a number of tools out there that allow you to delve deeper into the mystical congruencies of how anonymous people find you. Some of these tools are expedient and forthright, getting to the heart of the matter. But most of them come with a price tag, a dubious cost no matter how you package it, because that’s just how some people roll: Figure out a way to charge innocents for information they could gather on their own if they just had that extra ounce of gumption.

I don’t really care for rewarding other people financially for my own laziness, so I try to be forthright and keep an eye on the “Search Terms” box on my WordPress stats page. (This special box allows you to see what folks have typed into search engines that somehow resulted in a click on one of your posts.) The most immediate factoid I’ve gleaned from this effort is that very few people are finding me based on keyword searches. That box is often empty, which means that I’m using words in my musings that no one else is using. (I guess this should come as no surprise; I was considerably chastised in my urchin years for my vocabulary choices. A bar of soap was often introduced into the proceedings.)

In any case, when there are entries in the Search Terms box, I study them with scholastic intensity, trying to figure out what bells I might be ringing. Interestingly enough, I’ve discovered that people will peck out the weirdest possible combination of words, and when they do so, they often land on one of my posts. I generally take the personal-validation route and try to believe that I tell interesting and unique stories, and ignore the possibility that the pecker or yours truly or both might need serious therapy.

But lately there has been one group of words, and variations of, that has caused me a wee bit of concern: “village of the damned part 2 sex story”

What the hell?

Now, those of you who have been with me a while may recall that I ran a series of posts entitled “Village of the Damned” starting back in December of 2015. (And this was a revision of a series I ran several years earlier, back when I was still losing my virginity in the blogosphere. And if you remember the story from those days, and you’re still with me, all I can say is I cannot worship you enough.) Bottom line, my version of “Village of the Damned” involved my obsession with collecting and displaying miniature yuletide housing.  Nobody was bumping uglies. (Okay, there was a brief mention of possible carnality in one of the posts, but it was way later than Part 2.)

It’s the specificity of “Part 2” in the search terms that throws me. There’s nothing about sex in that post. Yet “Part 2” keeps popping up in the variations of keywords. (Other terms fluctuate: Sometimes it’s “sexe story”, indicating a possible French flair, and sometimes it’s “sex storye”, hinting at Old English ribaldry. Just the other day, on Feb 26, it was “village of damned part 2 hot eex stories”. Eex stories? I’m going to assume that they were typing with just one hand, troubling as that image might be.

So it seems that there is a racy version of “Village of the Damned” somewhere in the underbelly of society. And apparently you don’t need to bother with Part 1, because Part 2 is where the good stuff happens, whatever that entails. I do feel slightly bad that some randy folks are finding their way to my blog, only to experience literus interruptus, but there’s really not much I can do about that. I just wanted to tell a story about my fascination with things that can be plugged in that give me joy.

Oh wait, maybe I just made the connection…


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    • Well, I have been accused of being a literary slut before, for a number of reasons, but I didn’t realize I left the tramp stamp on everything. Hmm. Maybe it was my upbringing. Should I blame my parents? Perhaps I can get a whole blog post out of this thought line…. 😉

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    • Well, I was going to make a mildly sarcastic response, but I’m getting notifications that you are making comments on the posts in the series (Yay! I love it when people read the whole thing.) so I’m off to get the latest updates on your journey. To be continued!

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  1. LOL – some of the keyword searches that I see in my ‘site stats’ window, at times, make absolutely no sense to me at all…

    I suppose it made sense to whomever typed the keywords in, to begin with…which is frightening, in a way! Much like the way Drumpf was scowling at, and looming over Hillary, during that long-ago second debate, ROFL!

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    • A lot of the search phrases don’t make any sense, but it does make me wonder exactly what the hell I’m writing that makes the Google algorithms decide “hey, let’s send this fool over to Bonnywood”. And the Drumpf looming thing? Hills should have just turned around and smacked him upside the head, then calmly turned back around and continued with her thoughts on international relations… 😉

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