Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #95

SR 1095

Norma was rather fond of the contraption created by her hair stylist, especially the medallion in the midst of it all that seemed to indicate she had won an award of some kind. But then the Federal Aviation Administration stepped in and asked her to leave the country because she was interfering with the radar at local airports and planes were unable to land…


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  1. I am sure the FAA was perturbed. My hair was once checked at immigration. It was a humid summer in New York. But they apologised after realising it was all mine. Trust me, Norma’s hair is tame. Ha ha ha

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    • Well, my hair has never attracted attention, mainly because I keep it short enough that you can’t feasibly hide anything of value or nefariousness within said follicles, but I do get pulled aside at airports far more often than the common citizen. Generally, it’s my own fault (forgot to take out my wallet and put it in the bin, forgot to take off my belt with the hubcap-sized buckle, forgot to openly declare all 46 of the laptops that I insist on travelling with). But the one thing that nearly got me hauled off to Shawshank Prison was the time I innocently tucked a tab of Excedrin in my jeans pocket after a very-late night on the town in New Orleans, knowing full well that I would need it at some point. Apparently, this suspicious combination of acetaminophen and caffeine was trigger enough to nearly shut down the Louis B. Armstrong airport, and I just barely made my flight… 😉

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    • I think you’re on to something, Lindy. I can just see some architects getting a gander of this publicity shot and thinking “you know what, maybe we should create something called the Chrysler Building!” The rest is history…


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