Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #145

SR 1145

Jane: “I feel compelled to report an issue with my accommodations.”

Hairaldo: “You look like you are compelled about a lot of things. And why is your dress stapled to your bosom?”

Jane: “That’s not important. I didn’t sleep well at all last night.”

Hairaldo: “Did you remember to take the hat off?”

Jane: “Of course I did. It had in its own bed, that’s why I requested a double room. And neither of us were able to sleep a wink because of all the shenanigans at the swimming pool.”

Hairaldo: “We don’t have a swimming pool.”

Jane:  “Then what is that outside my window, with the people lying on cots and making such a racket?”

Hairaldo: “That’s an opium den. Would you like me to arrange for reservations? Just the one? Or will the hat be joining you?”


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    • You can hide a LOT of things under that hat. (Perhaps we might finally have an answer concerning the location of Jimmy Hoffa?) Still, the idea that your own thoughts instantly went to some nefarious intent on aggressive subterfuge does cause me some concern. (Oh, who am I kidding? The image of you dashing about in such garb, furtively carrying out random acts of stealth that might result in even more terrific posts on your blog is rather titillating…)

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    • I believe I have some other stills from “Out of the Past” in my clandestine collection, so I’ll dig through them and come up with a few more stories. And yes, I’ll drop by and read your essay…

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