Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #11

SR 1011

It was at this precise moment when Gary Cooper realized that he might be the tallest person on the planet. He began to plan accordingly…


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    • The lapel does seem to be a bit insubordinate. The outrage! Still, I hope Gary has met his insurance deductible, because those therapists are really proud of their prices. Not that I would know about such things, other than that one court-ordered session. Oh, and that other court-ordered session. And… okay, fine… I know all about the prices… 😉

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    • She DOES have rather dominating hands, something I didn’t originally notice, transfixed as I was by Tall, Dark and Military. Still, based on her facial expression, she needs to get a better attitude or this relationship is not going to work out… 😉


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