Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #29

SR 1029

Everyone in town knew that something didn’t add up with how the Grayson Sisters had amassed their wealth, but the sisters remained tight-lipped. Their chauffeur, however, was quite ready to talk, fed up as he was with the sisters’ superior attitudes, especially the pretty but simple one who never mastered the art of standing in a single-file line…


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    • This is one of the things that I respect about folks from this time period: You didn’t leave the house unless you gussied up a little bit. There were no excuses. Now, I’m all about comfortable couture but, as you point out, many people today are just thoughtless and clueless about personal appearance. There’s no need for that, you lazy little hooligans. As for the chauffeur, he had plenty to say. He sent me a private email full of invective, dissatisfaction, and racy photos. I’m currently processing the intel…

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    • I agree! Cars used to be made with such attention to detail and design. They were truly beautiful (well, for the most part), unlike most of the cars today, which all seem to be variations of the same boring design. Sigh…


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