Flash Backward – #9: Meme, Myself and I

Okay, this post doesn’t really concern memes in the traditional sense, drifting more toward “my overuse of a specific template on a social media site”, but I was trying to be at least minimally creative with that title. Besides, “Template, Myself and I” just doesn’t do anything for me, especially at 2AM on a random Thursday morning. In any case, here’s the deal:

Back in the day, during one of my perpetual attempts to gain traction and/or relevance in the social media world, I became infatuated with the “” site. This locale is just another random stop on the Internet Validation Circuit, but it appealed to me with the easy way in which it let you choose from a variety of formatted image placards, manipulate the dead space in such images to include your questionable words of wisdom, and then release the hybrid into the ether. The scenario satisfied me at the time, and we had a beautiful relationship for roughly 2.7 days until I realized that the target audience was just not into me.

Still, I initially liked the challenge of being forced to severely edit my ruminations so they would fit into the tight confines of the limited word-space available in the templates. (I should have known that I would eventually become dissatisfied, since the “word-limit” mess was already something that soured my budding romance with Twitter.) But I did my best, and the following are some of the snaps I created in my relentless need to justify my existence. (Notice how I kept choosing the same exact template. Apparently I just wasn’t in a branching-out mood at the time. You’ll also notice that I was apparently fed up with a few things in 2012. Big surprise, right?)



Car Radiio 2


15 Items or Less 2


Alex Trebek 2


Bad Decisons 2


Bigoted Racist 2


Center of the Universe 2


Dont Text Me 2


Fox News 2


Less Bitchy 2


Opened Mouth 2


Phone Conversation 2


Reality Signal 2


Walking Dead 2


Why knock again 2


Entire Planet 2




(Originally posted on in 2012.)


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