Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #101

SR 1101

Guy on the Left: “I don’t know about these clothes. The guy at the store made it seem like it was all the rage and we couldn’t get our business off the ground unless we dressed like we meant it. But I wonder what it makes us look like?”

Guy on the Right: “It makes me look like the bottom.”


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    • It does seem like they got dressed without a true sense of focus. But I will say that Left Guy looks rather dashing from the neck up, rocking that hat and all. (I can’t do hats, personally. I always look like something landed where it shouldn’t…)

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      • Me too! I walk by displays of those wide-brimmed sunhats, the ones that look like you should be sitting on a veranda on a southern plantation, fanning yourself and dabbing the back of your neck with a lacy handkerchief…
        On me it looks like aliens landed their spaceship on my head and are now probing for the secrets of the universe. Instead, they get a recipe for crockpot chili.

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  1. “Take me to your crockpot leader!” (Okay, that was much funnier in my head.) When we were in New Orleans recently, we found this nifty little shop with really great hats, and I did my darn best to find one that didn’t make me look reprehensible. This didn’t happen. Even the commission-lusting assistant just didn’t have the heart to lie about my appearance, with her constantly muttering “perhaps we should try another one…”


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