Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #78

SR 1078

One foggy morning, the villagers awoke to the terrifying realization that the Giant Chicken Demon of yore had returned. Then one of the youngest villagers, a smartly-dressed lass who was studying to be an astrophysicist even though the occupation hadn’t been invented yet, pointed out that Said Demon had human legs and appeared to be wearing a costume. This did not deter the other determined villagers, as they had always based their lives on fear of the unknown mixed with obviously-fake propaganda, and they still voted Republican in the next election cycle…


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    • I’m yearning to know why you may have worn that chicken suit, but I understand that some things are personal and should not be pursued. As for you electionability, I think you would do quite well in public polling. As long as you don’t mention that time when you did the thing you shouldn’t have in the country that we won’t mention… 😉

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