Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #189

SR 1189

I tried to wash that man right out of my hair, but I ran into a few complications: One, I couldn’t find the right shampoo at Walgreen’s. (Exactly what ingredient should you look for? Essence of man-gone? Somebody needs to write a brochure about this.) Two, I never do anything unless I’m in full makeup, so it was kind of hard to direct the shower spray without destroying my foundation. (Why can’t plumbers design a contraption that helps a woman feel beautiful even when she’s rinsing off the crustiness of last night’s shouldn’t-have-done-that?) And three, I was completely distracted by the realization that I have an amazingly robust left bicep. (I don’t know what I did to get such a thing, but apparently I did it a lot…)


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  1. Funny. I have more of an unusually strong right hand, rather than a robust left bicep. Hmmm. Also, for getting rid of those “Oops -shouldn’t have done that” hair problems, I personally recommend Unbed Head products. Good for hair and mind (not so effective at eliminating the occasional awkward pregnancy, due to North Carolina’s regulations on abortive hair products; but what can you do?).

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  2. It’s that “farmer’s daughter” thing…the robust Nebraska Corn-husker!!! She just happened to be a lefty, no matter how many times the nuns tied that offending appendage behind her back…

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