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Blogger Spotlight: Anthony at “Runaway American Dream”

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  Editor’s Note: One of the things I really enjoy, as a reader, is when a writer takes you to a place that you didn’t quite expect, but the journey feels justified and real. And it’s a bonus when said writer thoughtfully throws in a bit of music that either inspired the piece or adds the right amount of atmosphere. Anthony, who hails from Australia (What’s up with the plethora of great bloggers from that country? Is it the water?), often hits both of those points, as in the example below. Enjoy…


Part past part fiction 1

First memory

Waking into an unfamiliar world of dim yellow light and musty air. If I have known a yesterday It has failed to imprint, leaving no discernable memory of its shape or texture. I am entirely of this moment. The bed in which I lay is soft and warm. It’s also a cage with blue coloured bars that obscure my view of the world around me. This situation sparks irritation and I attempt, with small, inadequate hands to pull myself upright on the bars.

Unexpectedly, as I put my meager weight upon them, they drop away and I tumble carelessly to the floor. A soft bump, a bounce and I’m rolling out through a doorway and into a long bare room with a high, high ceiling. Unhurt, I remain largely unconcerned by this development. I am, however, stranded, unable to shift for myself.

At once a gigantic figure appears at the far end of the room, lumbering towards me. I freeze rigid with expectation, ready for fear. The figure looms above me impressively huge. I notice its eyes and slowly begin to comprehend that this thing is an animal like me.

The creature reaches down and plucks me from my helplessness. Its vast body is warm and I soften against it, but without pause it returns me to the first room placing me back into the bed; no longer warm. Then, with a loud and final ‘clack’, it raises the bars back to their correct position replacing my cage.

With that, the creature turns and is gone from my view. I don’t know it yet but this creature is my father. This moment, as much as any, will define us.



You can peruse more of Anthony’s work by clicking here. If you have a comment specifically for Anthony, please be gracious enough to make them on the original post found here so that Anthony can be assured of receiving your feedback.


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