Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #257

SR 1257

Eleanor Roosevelt: “How sweet of you girls to cook this meal for me in a completely unplanned photo op.”

Girl Scout #1: “My outfit makes me look Amish and I’m not really happy about that. And there’s the added pressure that I might accidentally spill this pot of boiling water on the First Lady and end up in jail. I better wipe my fingerprints off the handle.”

Girl Scout #2: “Do you think they could possibly put more crap on that stove?”

Girl Scout #3: “The poor First Lady. I wonder what choices she had to make in her life that led to her wearing that hat.”

Girl Scout #4: “I don’t know why I’m here. I won’t even get to cook anything unless the three girls in front of me get taken out in some freak mishap. But as long as I still get the merit badge, I’m good.”

Freddy Krueger, in the background: “Anybody feeling sleepy?”


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    • Uh oh, did I hit the fail blog? I just assumed they were Girl Scouts. But they COULD be 4-Hers, or students from an odd military prep school, or even members of the Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team from Romania. I really don’t know, since I wasn’t there when the picture was taken. (I’m not allowed in the White House due to previous overly-exuberant blog posts.) Still, I now feel like I have failed the world in some way. As punishment, I will now go sit on the patio and have a beer and think about what I have done…

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