Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #198

SR 1198

The next day, all of the speaker boxes in Row Two were in mourning, as one of their own had been felled. The night before, a truck full of rednecks from Pawhuska had failed to roll down their window and disengage the audio contraption as they were leaving, which resulted in Speaker Box #13 being ripped from the ground, pole and all, and dragged down Highway 244. It was a tragic, heartless development. In the background, the playground equipment in Story Book Lane stood in sad solidarity to show support for the surviving speaker boxes, with the swings not moving and the merry-go-round refusing to turn…


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    • When I was growing up, we were constantly going to the Admiral Twin Drive-in in Tulsa, OK, USA. We would spend hours there, watching double and triple features. It’s where I fell in love with movies…


    • When I first moved into my current house, nearly twenty years ago, I was thrilled that there was an active drive-in theater mere blocks away, making glorious plans to visit such regularly. Did I ever go? No. Did it eventually close down? Within two years, after a fire in the snack bar (possibly due to the flammability of fake cheese on the nachos?) ended the run of the last operating drive-in in the DFW area. A few other venues have sprung up since, but the original outdoor movie emporiums are all gone.

      If you have some time on your hands and wish to pursue more arcane details, here’s a video on the demise of The Astro:


    • Isn’t it, though? I hope that when I finally move on to the movie screen in the sky there will be a legion of speaker boxes and playground equipment that will formally salute me… 😉


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