Present Tense

Present Tense – #2

PT 1002

So, just a few minutes ago, whilst sitting here working on my latest blog post, I reached that point you hit where you can’t think of what to say next. I decided a break was in order, and I wandered into the kitchen for a distraction. I found such in the form of Scotch the Cat, who rubbed against my leg. This is an admirable action, and I decided to reward Scotch with a few bits of kitty treats.

I found the little packet, sprinkled a few nuggets into his bowl, and then rubbed his back whilst he tore into the goods with savage menace. In the midst of this, I noticed that his water bowl was woefully inadequate, quantity-wise. Being a Good Daddy, I picked up the bowl, marched to the sink, rinsed it professionally, filled it with fresh, clean water, then proceeded to march right past the cat, carried the bowl back to my office, set the bowl on my desk, and went back to work.

It would be easy to say that my mind was just preoccupied with the blog post. But really, I think I might need therapy. And Scotch might need to speak to Other Daddy about my situation…


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