Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #202

SR 1202

Fred and Ginger were having a swell time on the dance floor, until Fred got a bit too exuberant and decided a high-kick was somehow appropriate for the moment. Ginger went sailing through the air, her expression quickly changing from professional giddiness to one of abject fear, and she smashed through the rather flimsy wall of the set and into the neighboring sound-stage. Luckily enough, on the crash-landing sound-stage, they were shooting some dreary script involving dissatisfied itinerant workers, and Ginger’s unexpected appearance happened to coincide with the filming of a funeral scene. Ginger, unconscious and all, made a very convincing corpse, which negated the need to pay the actress who was actually hired to be dead.

Ginger ended up earning two paychecks that week, which was more than enough cash to pay for her medical bills, and everyone was happy in the end, except for that unpaid actress who had spent four hours in death-pallor makeup with no personal gain from the situation. Out of bitterness and spite, this woman eventually became a Republican Senator who worked tirelessly to make sure that no one ever got paid except her…


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    • I try to hang on to the more interesting words, even if most everybody else is down the street and around the corner, looking for new-fangled words to throw about…


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