Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #90

SR 1090

Even though the children from the orphanage were disappointed that Uncle Bunkle’s Fun-O-Rama was closed for the day due to a surprising malfunction that would probably result in a lawsuit, they were just happy to be away from the dank air of their prison world. Except for Celia, in the lower right. Celia was pissed off, and somebody was going to pay for this screw up…


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    • Hmm. Well, I suppose it didn’t help that I was babbling about orphans and disappointment. I’ll try to find happier photos in the future, but I can’t promise anything, because I’m a bit twisted… 😉

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      • I know, why do you think I keep reading you – we all need a dash of twisted in the humour department. I think it was something to do with them looking so small, sweetly dressed, clutching the dolls – they are probably all dead or ancient by now – and that is sad.

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    • What is it with you and Claudette going to the dark side with this picture? But if you study the expression on the little girl who is second from left on the front row (that single girl in her own line can be discounted, as she’s clearly not following directions), it does appear that at least one of the little urchins is having reservations about the doll situation. I would imagine that she snatched up some garlic cloves at the nearby farmers’ market as they headed back to the bus…

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      • It’s something about small children and dolls, Brian. It’s the basis of so many horror stories, you know?
        Look at the expression of the adults in this photo. So clueless that these little girls will soon be possessed and forced to commit unspeakable acts by their demonic dolls.
        Feel free to run with this story, if you wish. I’ll gladly write the cover blurb for you.

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