Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #43

SR 1043

Everyone agreed that Claudette looked quite ravishing at the benefit ball. Little did they realize that her dress was so tight that she couldn’t move, and she was still standing there three days later…


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    • Me too! I was once immobilized by a stunning taffeta number that I bought at the Maison du Self-Involved in Paris, and I was unable to fully carry out my hostessing duties at our chalet in Capri. This resulted in my not issuing a command to the servants that we needed to add fresh ice to the shrimp buffet, and a subsequent unsatisfactory odor was soon wafting about. Tragic, really…

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      • You’re so funny. I have a satirical fashion illustration post coming out on Tuesday afternoon. I would love to use this quote in it, with your permission. If you agree, you will see how it fits right in with the theme. xoxo

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          • I was in the process of editing when I received your comment and it was so right for the post, I couldn’t resist asking. Look out for the pingback on Tuesday. I will edit the comment for length but the feeling will translate just the same. Thank you very much!!

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  1. Well, what can I say, Claudette looks absolutely stunning (except for the hair – that is just …. not). Sadly, even in my thinnest days I would never have fitted into that. Perhaps they swaddled her in clingwrap then sewed it onto her (bitchy thought). How did she manage to mince to the loo?

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