Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #226

SR 1226

Members of the Gamma Alpha Upsilon fraternity attend Mardi Gras, 1938.

Fedora: “I really tried to get in the spirit of things with my frat brothers, but at the last minute my rigid Southern Baptist upbringing ruined it all. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that for the rest of my life. Even if the only straight thing about me is my teeth.”

Easter Bonnet: “This is so freeing. I really like the gals, but something about this fake bosom just makes me feel alive. Wait, is that my pastor on the balcony over there? Hey girl!”

Squashed Beret: “I think I missed the memo that full makeup was going over the line. You’d think somebody would have said something before we got to this point. And now I’ve got to explain to my sister what happened to her cosmetics.”

Flapper Hat: “I really have no idea what’s going on, because I’ve been drunk since Christmas, but something about that hand on my shoulder is making parts of me tingle.”

Floppy Hat: “I don’t know what the big deal is. We do this all the time back at the farm. Of course, we also drink a lot of moonshine and try to figure out who our daddies might be.”


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  1. ROFLMAO!!! The man in the white hat wasn’t shy about stuffing HIS brassiere! Love it…

    Makes me think of the GEICO commercial with the “sexy grandpa” dance:
    “I’m not yo’ daddy, I’m yo’ grandpa!”

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