Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #223

SR 1223

Meanwhile, at their latest convention, Tea Party members performed a one-act play concerning their thoughts on the Rights of Women. It should come as no surprise that this plank in their platform is as rusty and outdated as Henry the VIII’s codpiece. Still, this live-action shot does provide some interesting insight into the Tea Party pathology.

Exhibit A: The young girl in the background, left. She appears giddy with excitement at the paddling of the woman. This is because the subjection of women is all she’s ever known, so when she is presented with such imagery, she feels a sense of recognition and comfort. There’s no place like home.

Exhibit B: The group of people in the background, right. These folks aren’t even paying any attention to the shenanigans. They don’t need to, because they have already grasped the fundamental concept of Tea Party membership: Vote for the person with the R beside their name. It doesn’t matter what the message is or what the fallout might be or how their own lives might be destroyed. Vote R.

Exhibit C: The mere fact that this is all taking place in a barn.

Exhibit K: If you zoom in closely on John’s control device, you will see “Manufactured by Koch Industries” imprinted on the handle. Below that is a smaller line of text: “A subsidiary of Citizens United”.


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  1. I got spanked, recently. It was a one act tongue lashing. It was quite a boring experience. I was waiting for a thousand strong Twitter army to descend on my blog and unleash holy hell. But, sadly, The Lasher did not pack much of a wallop. Barely a tweak was twunk. Ha ha ha ha – I love making up new words. xo

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    • While this is a lovely story, something I could feasibly turn into a one-act play that will stun audiences, I have to ask: What exactly did you DO to deserve this unsatisfying lashing? Of course, I understand if you are not allowed to say anything because a judge has issued a gag order on the pending trial…

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