Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #252

SR 1252

Sally: “Isn’t this the best diet ever?”

Millie: “The best! You are so smart to think of it. Am I doing it right?”

Sally: “Yes, just hold the burger in front of your mouth but DON’T take a bite.”

Millie: “Okay, got it. Say, I really like what you did with your head scarf. It’s super cute.”

Sally: “Yours is cute, too! It looks so much better hanging on that side of your head instead of the other side.”

Millie: “Oh no! Some grease just dripped into my mouth!”

Sally: “That’s okay. You only get calories if you chew.”

The Ukulele: “Dear God. Just take me now. I’m begging you.”


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