Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #273

SR 1273

In this unsubtle bit of staging, the lighting director helps the slower members of the audience understand who they should support in this situation. The Bad Guy is the evil man in the shadows (most prominent feature: gleaming teeth) who is clearly intent on causing dismay for people who aren’t paying attention. Bathed in a chaste white aura, we have The Innocent Virgin Who Just Wants to Be Loved (most prominent features: the unsuccessful hairdo and the questionable earrings, indicating that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but her couture ignorance is not enough justification for a messy death at the hands of a villain who visits the dentist regularly).

In a bit of happenstance, this lighting arrangement also led to the champagne glass in the middle of the table casting a shadow on the Virgin’s arm, an image that appears to be a rather impressive cucumber. This accidental symbolism actually led to a certain French critic proclaiming the film to be a masterpiece, a profound statement about masculinity and sacrifice, because the French are always seeing things in movies that no one else sees…


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  1. You never disappoint. As I started to read this, I kept thinking ‘villain would be the perfect description’ and then you used it. I also thought shady, but you didn’t get around to saying shady villain. I offer the word for your use.

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