Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #330

SR 1330

  The two spinsters studied the movie still and tried to decide if they should go inside the movie palace and watch this latest release…

Betty: “Look at how she can’t even light his cigarette. She would make a terrible wife. I hope he’s not planning to marry her.”

Jane: “And look at that tawdry blouse she’s wearing. She’s showing so much cleavage! And the sinister amulet around her neck. Do you suppose she’s a witch AND a slattern?”

Betty: “He can’t even stand to look her in the face, she’s such a disappointment.”

Jane: “He can’t believe how tacky her hair looks. She’s not using a single pin to control that mess! She’s a lazy, cheap witch.”

Betty: “Wait! Is he holding a knife? He’s trying to kill her! I disapprove of her lifestyle, but I don’t know that she needs to die for it. Seems a bit harsh.”

Jane: “And she’s hiding a gun in her other hand.  So she’s planning to fight for her right to walk the streets. These are some truly lost souls.”

Betty: “Oh my word! Do you see what else is going on? Oh, I can barely stand to look.”

Jane: “What is it, sister?”

Betty: “Someone has taken a loaf of French bread and shoved it into the skull of that poor woman in the background!”

Jane: “Oh, this movie is wretched indeed. Prostitution and betrayal and death and bad grooming. The people who made this are clearly not right with the Lord.”

Betty: “Should we buy tickets?”

Jane: “Of course. My treat.”


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