Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #340

SR 1340

Peggy: “I’m so bored holding this position while they adjust the lighting.”

Bunny: “Well, I must say that I shouldn’t be bored, considering what’s right in front of me. But since I’m apparently missing one of my eyes, my depth perception is a bit off. Are you stacked or not?”

Peggy: “Really, Bunny! That’s inappropriate language to be coming from a prop.”

Bunny: “Sorry, doll. I don’t get out much. They keep me locked up in storage until somebody decides to make an Easter movie or some urchin in a war film needs something to clutch while they wait for daddy to come home on leave. Are you wearing terrycloth? Terrycloth really excites me.”

Peggy: “What in the world? I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Bunny: “Terrycloth is soft like me. I think this means that we were meant to be together. At least for tonight.”

Peggy: “I think you need to make other arrangements on how you plan to spend your evening. I’m a married woman, after all.”

Bunny: “Married, eh? So that means the sex is pretty redundant by now. Are you sure you don’t want to do the bunny hop a time or two?”

Peggy: “Okay, this has gone far enough. Either you shut your mouth or I’m going to ask the prop master if he’s got a beach towel I can use instead.”

Bunny: “Oh, you don’t wanna hang around with the beach towel. He’s got the clap.”

Peggy: “You have got to be the rudest bunny I have ever-”

Photographer: “Is there a problem, Peggy? Who are you talking to?”

Peggy: “Oh… I was just… rehearsing my lines for an audition this afternoon.”

Photographer: “I see. Well, we should be ready to go in about a minute. Hang tight.”

Bunny, whispering: “Speaking of tight…”

Peggy, vehemently whispering: “If you say one more word I will rip your other eye off and not feel one bit bad about it.”

Bunny: “Got it. My lips are sewed.”


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    • It’s a terrible test of nerves and endurance. But at least you never had to wear the bunny ears. Or did you? Go on, you can tell me the sordid tale, I won’t tell a soul. Well, except for the other people reading this…

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      • I never wore the bunny ears. But after the light test, the photographer needed my skin to reflect light so people were sent out to fetch something gelatinous to coat me with. I will not say what they brought back. 😭

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        • See, now I’m terribly enraptured with the gelatin angle. I’ve already started composing the short story in my head… “The Day I Didn’t Shine Quite Enough”… and the movie they eventually make based on the story (let’s dream, shall we?) will star Audrey Tautou and Meryl Streep, and they will both win Academy Awards and keys to the city of Amsterdam…

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  1. me again- I had actually logged out but had to come back, because as I logged out I thought “She looks like a stripped Nun” – think it has something to do with the ears, or rather, the hood part of the ears attached around her neck. I know, weird right?!

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