Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #352

SR 1352

The esteemed mountain climber, Javier von Bigthrust, was working his way toward the summit of Mount Sapphia when he rounded a tree and encountered this scene. His first instinct, as he gazed upon such a mystifying display of estrogen-based revelry, was that he should run back down the mountain and alert appropriate authorities. His second instinct, based on the lack of panties being worn by the woman on the far left as she painfully strained to sing whatever ditty they were bellowing, was that perhaps he should lay his hat here for the night and hope for the best. His final thought, however, was that people are people and we should all just nod politely to one another and remain true to our own journeys. And so he did…


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    • She’s rather proud of that thigh, isn’t she? As for Mr. Bigthrust’s endowment, we may never know. Perhaps we can catch him on his way back down the mountain, proffering a welcoming smile and a tape measure… 😉

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    • What happens in the tent stays in the tent, a decree that many of us followed in our youthful, hormonal days at summer camp. Not that I ever went. But I had a great imagination and could envision a plethora of tent-things happening that should not be shared around the campfire…

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    • I am AMAZED by some of the names people come up with in the online community. And then I look back at some of the character names in my own writing and think “okay, maybe I need to settle down and accept things as they are”… 😉

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      • I’ll admit, some of the names that I see have led to some horrible deaths in my online game…I begin laughing so hard that my fingers slip off of the keys right when some Orc is hacking my head off!

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