Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #321

SR 1321

Judy: “Do you see what’s going on over there?”

Gene: “Do you mean the people who are staring at us for wearing ridiculous outfits?”

Judy: “No, not them. Wait, why do you think our outfits are ridiculous? These are custom made.”

Gene: “I have dice for nipples. And we both have stupid straw hats that have just never looked good on anybody throughout the history of the world.”

Judy: “Well, for the nipple angle, they have me strapped in a vaguely Asian gown that gives the impression that I don’t actually have breasts, so neither of our chests has been given any respect. And I’m with you on the straw hats. I took mine off before the director hollered ‘action’. But no, I’m talking about those people over there who are watching Fox News while they drink beer and eat corny dogs. That just can’t lead to anything good.”

Gene: “True enough. There are some odd characters in this place. Like this guy over my left shoulder.”

Judy: “Who is he?”

Gene: “No idea. But based on what I’m currently feeling on my backside, he’s overly fond of my dicey nipples…”


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  1. “Dicey nipples” should win the internet for the day. Also, between that phrase and Gene’s splendid coat, I feel like I’m flashing back into a time when I watched “A Clockwork Orange” too many times in a row.

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    • And we’re all sitting around in the Milk Bar, angry and bitter, waiting for the drag show to start. And the first performer? “Dicey Nipples”, lip-synching a Steely Dan song and waving about a marital apparatus. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t have shared that… 😉

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