Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #346

SR 1346

Paulette: “Hey there, Big Boy. Care for a ride?”

Ray: “Where did you find such a tiny thing? I’m not sure I could even fit in there.”

Paulette: “Oh, I’m sure we could find something you could fit in. Care to take me for a spin.”

Ray: “But we’re in the middle of shooting a movie. We could be called to the set at any second.”

Paulette: “I’m so bored with that wretched little movie I could scream. I just had to find something else to do.”

Ray: “So you started by throwing your car in the dryer?”

Paulette: “You silly man. It came this way. Everything about me is a tight fit, if you get my drift.”

Ray: “Oh, I believe it’s more than a drift. You might as well throw your legs wide open and wave about an ‘Open House’ sign.”

Paulette, feigning offense: “How rude! What do you take me for, some common tramp?”

Ray: “I’m not taking you for anything. Which was apparently not in your plans.”


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