Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #63

SR 1063

It was shortly after this startling moment at her birthday party that Little Doris began to search for adoption papers hidden in attic boxes…


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  1. You know the scene in Singing in the Rain when they’re at a party and Debbie Reynolds jumps out of the cake as part of the evening’s entertainment? I think of that when I see pictures like this. Three nameless girls, dreaming of making it big in the movies, doing whatever it takes to get them noticed.
    Gene Kelly! Where are you? Take pity on poor Dunce Fairy #1! She needs you!

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    • Dunce Fairy #1 does seem to be one crying out the most for attention. Sadly, her forced smile reminds me of my own yearning for acceptance in my formative years, a time when I also resorted to wearing fringe on my bosom just to get people to like me. Things would have worked out quite differently if Mr. Kelly had shown up and sagely advised that I should try a more festive and choreographed approach. Cue the music!

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