Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #240

SR 1240

Ethel #1: “We got one of those fellas with a camera up in here again.”

Ethel #2: “Lord sakes. What the hell do they want now?”

Ethel #1: “It ain’t Christian, you can count on that.”

Ethel #2: “You still got the sign in the window, right?”

Ethel #1: “Sure do. Says we don’t cater to liberals and sinners, and he sure smells like a Democrat.”

Ethel #2: “We don’t want nothin’ to do with their kind. Can’t nobody make me.”

Photographer: “Good morning, ladies. I was wondering if I could buy a case of your crawfish boil seasoning. I hear it’s the best.”

Ethel #1: “A case? Well, step right up.”

Ethel #2: “We’re here to please. That sure is a fine-looking camera. What else would you like to buy? We got bottled remoulade sauce that will knock your socks off.”


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