Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #283

SR 1283

Clara: “How about we blow this joint and go do something fun?”

Milford: “I’m working, Clara. Somebody has to put food on the table.”

Clara: “What do you think I’m doing?”

Milford: “Indiscriminate and random carnality does not pay the bills.”

Clara: “You really don’t get out very much, do you?”

Milford: “I’m just saying that one of us has to be the practical and responsible person, especially when the other person appears to have a bouquet lodged in a personal area.”

Clara: “Oh, please. I’m the most popular actress in the movies right now. If this photo gets out, every girl in America will want to have a flower butt.”

Milford: “Fads come and go, my dear. The only thing you can depend on is money, and I need to ensure that we keep making it. Perhaps later we’ll have time for some giggle slap.”

Clara: “Sometimes you absolutely bore me, Milfie.”

Milfie: “I said we might get to that later. Now run along and water those things before they dry out.”


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  1. Clara: “So, what’cha working on, anyway?”
    Milford: “I’m writing a termination order, firing one of my girls for wanting to be paid the same wage as a man. What are you doing?”
    Clara: “I’m getting ready to transfer these flowers to your butt…”

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  2. But her shoes are nice. At least she has that.
    Funny how the camera guy didn’t notice the flowers?
    By the by — change of subject but this is how my brain works — that cafe scene in American in Paris, when Gene Kelley and the French guy sing ‘S Wonderful… ever notice Oscar Levant’s glass? Empty, full, empty, full…

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    • Yes, the shoes are pleasant and the camera guy is a twit, but the only thing I can focus on is watching “An American in Paris” this weekend and figuring out how I missed this mess with the glass. I feel woefully inadequate at the moment… 😉


  3. You tell wonderful stories suspended in dialogue. You convey so much in conversation. I confess, I wish I could write this way too. Elegant and crisp writing. 😀 looking forward to your next. Where do you get these beautiful photographs?❤

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    • Thank you! You have your own very unique style, and you have some wonderful stories on your own blog that are quite beautiful. You should be very proud and I’m quite glad that we connected. As for the photographs, I spend an almost embarrassing amount of time clicking around on the Internet until I find a photo that gets my attention, and then I stare at the photo until a story forms in my head. It’s a great exercise, keeps my creativity at least minimally engaged, and I really enjoy doing it….

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    • Almost everything comes back around and becomes the new trend. But the one thing we don’t want coming back? Hoop skirts. Can you imagine? I will never leave the house if I’m expected to wear one of those… 😉


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