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A Star Is Not Born: Video Snippets from the Archive of Degradation and Shame

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In one of those moments when you forget all about something until you run across it again, I recently found this work-in-progress video blog from several years ago. I was apparently in the midst of editing it when something shiny caught my attention and I never opened the file again. (This is a hallmark of my work here at Bonnywood Manor. I always have a collection of half-ass stories littering the innards of my laptop, forlorn and forgotten until I buy a new laptop and I have to move all this crap over to the fresh graveyard.)

I initially started to just delete the video. (After all, I’m one of those people who is not invested in looking at pictures of themselves, never mind a clip that presents me in all my cinematic gory.) Still, the video does capture my personality, to an extent, so I suppose there might be someone out there who would find this of interest, either from a “getting to know the author” perspective or at least a “now I have a subject for my next psychology paper!” angle.

I decided not to tinker with the video, leaving it in a rough-cut version so you can marvel at the multiple times when I completely lose my train of thought and things creak to a standstill. (And if you happen to have previously seen the only other video blog I have released, you can make note that I apparently haven’t changed my hairstyle or my decorating theme in at least 74 years. Those French placards on the wall behind me need some serious alignment and a good dusting.) In any case, take a gander, and learn for yourself why I will never win an Academy Award for Acting, Directing or Artistic Design, so I’d best stick to writing if I ever want a little man in my house named Oscar…



Bonus plan: In these 4 tiny little clips, nothing earth-shattering or even relevant is revealed, but it’s fun to watch me grow increasingly frustrated at my inability to get through the first few lines without hitting the fail-blog, especially the last clipette where I manage to launch but then I smack into the wall anyway…





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    • It’s not so much bravery, more of a growing acceptance that some things matter and some things don’t. Sharing my dorkiness (especially in that last clip) is just my way of saying we should all be comfortable with who we are. Unless you’re a serial killer, then you might need to rethink things… 😉

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  1. First I have to say, we all love bloopers, screw ups, etc., so thanks for those!! Too fun!! Second (and I’ll stop numbering after this), I never once thought you talked too fast in your earlier video. Third, (oh, wait, I wasn’t going to number anymore… but then again, I’ve had wine), you did a great job! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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    • Thank you! I just KNEW you would be the first to comment on the bloopers, as we both like to (gently and supportively) laugh at people when they mess up a bit, as we’re all fumbly humans in the end. As for the fast-talking, I get comments in real life about that all the time. I guess it’s because I really don’t say that much in social situations until I’m comfortable with whoever is involved, but when I do break loose I can babble for days and I think the real problem is “too many words” and not really “too fast”… 😉

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  2. Great to ‘meet’ you, Lord of Bonnywood Manor ☺️. Simply loved the sepia pic and vidsnips. My faves to go forward for Oscar’s ‘convideration’ are snips 3 & 4. PS you have a lovely voice and I now know why I got lost in Champagne, you nicked the sign!

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    • I’m rather fond of that sepia pic, as it’s one of the few pics of me that don’t make me think “damn, I look like a drunken pervert”. Thank you for the Oscar considerations, and I hope you’ll vote me. And as for the nicked Champagne sign, I think it’s fair to say that I’m guilty of a lot of crimes in France. (Shh, don’t tell…)

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  3. Brian, do not ever delete your videos – how fun are you! I like them very much; you are award winning! I post videos every once in awhile, some serious, but mainly fun ones! Have a great weekend my friend! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Terry. I actually enjoy doing the videos, but it’s a matter of getting me to sit my butt down long enough to make one. I’ve always been the fidgety little boy in church who couldn’t sit still and pay attention… 😉

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  4. LOL – you’re braver than I am, although a contest on who can talk faster might be in order! Makes me think of the line “fast-talking high-trousers” on Family Guy or American Dad…

    I have a YouTube account, but have done nothing with it except post some of my gaming accomplishments and deaths, or gone around and ‘liked’ vids that I enjoy!

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    • I’m more than willing to engage in some form of fast-talking competition with you. It would be a hoot, especially if we throw in some TV trivia. (And a few adult beverages.) And I only still have a YouTube account because it’s so much easier to load a video there and then use the link to load a video on my blogs. WordPress is kind of hinky when you try to directly upload a video. (Of course, it’s entirely possible that I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but such is life…)

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      • As soon as my new ‘puter is built, I think that would be doable, LOL!
        I’m getting the ULTIMATE gaming / video-streaming machine built, so that I won’t crash every time I try to view or upload a YouTube video. My new rig should be finished by Friday at the earliest!

        I’m horrible with TV trivia, but I’ll give it the old college try, LOL – sometimes, information about things filters into my brain whether I want it to or not!

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