Month: August 2016

Past Imperfect – #291

Peggy: “I don’t know about this. Explain to me again why I’m holding a gun and wearing this outfit?” Photographer: “Two guns, actually. Perhaps math was not your favorite subject in school. Anyway, you are showing the world that you are taking charge of your life but can […]

Past Imperfect – #282

It was a really swell evening at the nightclub until Humphrey apparently became distracted… Lauren: “If you’re looking for the drink menu, that’s not where it is.” Humphrey: “Well, something is there. Have you seen this?” Lauren: “Who hasn’t? Still, put your eyeballs back in, here come the […]

Past Imperfect – #238

In a secure Processing Chamber buried deep in the earth, the wives of Republican senators receive their nightly dose of morphine to ensure that they stand by their man and smile lovingly, no matter what crap said man might try to spew in a press conference. A young […]