Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #335

SR 1335

Douglas: “Well, here we go again.”

Mary: “Now, Dougie, let’s not be grumpy. You know we have to deal with the press, it’s just what we do as Hollywood Royalty.”

Douglas: “But why do we have to let them into our house? It’s annoying.”

Mary: “Because the common people want to see how the rich and famous live. It’s a social service, really, letting them dream about having a grand life such as ours. It helps them forget that their lives are meaningless, and it prompts them to buy tickets to our movies so they can dream some more. That’s just how America works.”

Douglas: “It’s still annoying. I really wasn’t planning on wearing pants today. What about my own dreams?”

Mary: “The people don’t care what you might really be like. They only care about the image you have created. Image is everything, darling.”

Douglas: “They why are you doing that odd thing with your foot?”

Mary: “I’m trying to be quirky and fun-loving.”

Douglas: “It looks like you’re drunk and forgot how to stand properly.”

Mary: “I am drunk. You’re not the only one who planned to have uncovered loins today, until the damn doorbell rang.”

Douglas: “Then stop answering the door. We have servants who can deal with that.”

Mary: “You’re still missing the point, my beloved. When the publicity machine rolls your way, you’ve got to put on a happy face and embrace it. We can pretend to be something we’re not for an hour or so. Speaking of which, have you put away all your… toys? That one reporter over there is vibrating with an intensity that means he will be asking for a tour of the second floor.”

Douglas: “Oh. Well, it’s entirely possible that there’s a bong sitting on the balcony off our bedroom.”

Mary: “I’m so disappointed in you, my pet.”

Douglas: “Why is that? Are you mad because I didn’t clean up after myself once again?”

Mary: “Of course not, my love. I’m upset that you didn’t bother to invite me to the balcony.”


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  1. LMAO – even with the sepia tones, it’s amazing how tanned the man is, and how pallid the woman is…but, I love that curving staircase! They always seem so elegant, to me – but I would still slide down that bannister!

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    • It does seem like they were taken out of the Easy Bake oven at different times. As for the banister, I would be on it as well. And I would be the one falling off of it before I had gone two inches. I have special talents… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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