Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #351

SR 1351

Jimmy: “What the hell are you going?”

Norma: “Sweetie, I know you were born in Pennsylvania, and I can forgive you for that. But you are really drawing too much attention to our table with your ‘golly gee’ expression. Tone it down a notch.”

Jimmy: “But it looks like you’re breaking off those crab legs and shoving them in your purse.”

Norma: “That’s exactly what I’m doing, you hayseed. Times get tough in Hollywood when they keep finding younger starlets with firmer breasts. I’ve got to feed my family somehow. Now, go do something insipid to distract the photographers while I snatch the roasted pig from the next table.”


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    • See, now you’ve undermined my whimsical take on the matter by pointing out that there actually aren’t any crab legs on the sticky-fingers buffet. I will now have to re-boot my entire career and reformulate my life goals. Or maybe not, we’ll see, it depends on my hormone levels in the next few days. (P.S. When are you going to grace us with a new post? I check in daily, full of anticipation, only to learn that David and Goliath are still struggling. Hope things are going okay with you…)

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