Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #37

SR 1037

That awkward first day in high school when you realize that maybe your parents didn’t tell you a few things that they should have while you were growing up…


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  1. That’s the same expression I have on my face when my colleague has been speaking continuously for 5 minutes without pausing to inhale and then I see her brain short out and shut down for .05 seconds to force her to inhale. In another arena, she’d be a champion at synchronised swimming, I tell myself. This does not make it less traumatising, especially given that I am claustrophobic.

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  2. I was going to ask you if that was from Snake Pit, then noticed your tag. I saw the movie once, many years ago, so I’m kind of proud of myself for recognizing it.
    But back to the pic, yes, troubling times, those high school years.

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    • I’m proud of you as well, as I find movie-trivia knowledge to be an admirable trait in a human being. Slight confession: I knew it was Olivia in Snake, but I did have to do a bit of research to find out it was Celeste Holm as the slightly-trampy bench partner. (Have you ever used the “search by image” option on Google? I didn’t even know it existed until recently, but it allows you to upload an image and Google will search by that image instead of just a search term. It’s a nifty little miracle, actually, and it has somewhat restored my faith in technology…)

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  3. I’ve known about the Google Image search for a long time. Does that make me one of the bitchy girls or simply sort of a know-it-all…or a bit of both? Forgive me. I just read “Dream A Little Steam of Me” and am still trying to get brawny plumbers with tools out of my mind’s eye. I think that’s gonna take some time…

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    • Oh, be proud of your knowledge of Google Image, as it’s a wonder thing. And the image of the brawny plumber has never left my mind’ eye, as its one of the few treasures I have left even it he isn’t real… 😉


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