Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #318

SR 1318

Marjorie: “It says right here in your contract that no scenes will be filmed unless your face is properly lit.”

Joan: “And why would you have an issue with that? Seems fair to me, since you’re just a supporting player and I’m the star.”

Marjorie: “You are not properly lit, sweetie. It looks like your head has been photo-shopped onto the robot from that ‘Metropolis’ movie.”

Joan:  “And that’s a bad thing?”

Marjorie: “Well, I suppose it’s not if you’re an emotionless automaton that will do anything it takes to remain relevant and popular.”

Joan: “Keep reading. That’s on page three.”


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    • Metropolis was a stunning movie for its time and, in a rare example of success when later folks dare to screw around with an earlier classic, the Gorgio Moroder 1984 “edit” of the movie is pretty damn good. (I have a vague memory that we may have talked about this before, so excuse the ring if I’m repeating myself…)

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  1. LOL! The insistence on ‘perfect lighting’ makes me think of Diana Ross…it was rumoured that, during recording sessions, she insisted on having the voices of the other Supremes down-played via the volume controls, while elevating her (less-powerful) voice. She basically threw the others under the bus, to my understanding!

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    • True story: I attended a Diana Ross concert during college, and right in the middle of one of her songs she stopped and had the technicians turn off the lights over the seating sections where no one was sitting so she couldn’t see from the stage that the show wasn’t sold out. I’m sure other entertainers have done this before and since, but it was MY first experience and I found it odd and a little delusional. On the flip side, it was a very good concert and she showed her appreciation to the folks who DID show up by moving out into the audience multiple times and ended up singing directly to almost every row of people. Then on the OTHER flip side, there’s the bit at the recording of Motown 25th anniversary TV special where Diana was being hateful to Mary Wilson (one of the former Dreamgirls, er, I mean one of the former Supremes) to the point that all of the OTHER entertainers stood up and told Diana to knock it off or everyone was leaving and there would be no show…

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      • Wow…that is definitely something to remember! I believe it…
        Some of the best moments of life happen without a camera in hand…but, it isn’t needed! People who can’t believe the experiences of others have never truly lived, IMHO!

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  2. You’ve introduced me to a star of the yesteryear… Marjorie Bennett. Never heard of the woman. And actually I thought that was Jack Lemmon in drag…a pre-cursor to “Some Like It Hot” or something…strange how some stars look so exactly alike….

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    • Now that you mention it, I can definitely see the Jack in the Marjorie. And they actually had somewhat similar styles. Hmm. I wonder if they were ever seen in the same room together…


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