Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #343

SR 1343

At the Pickfair Mansion, the guests did their best to frolic and enjoy themselves at the poolside party, despite then-current morality which required they sport woolen bathing attire which could sink a battleship. On the plus side, the pain of their discomfort was eased by the free-flowing availability of bootleg moonshine. On the negative side of the scale, the rudeness of the revelers in socially-shunning a young Adolf Hitler in the background would eventually lead to that asshole making some very poor decisions concerning his life goals…


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  1. Itchy woollen swimwear, I had to wear it when I first started grammar school – I am not that old but someone passed it on to my mum for me to help with uniform costs! Awful, and embarrassing, you had to be constantly aware of the weight of the water…


    • Oh, I know all about having to wear things that others have worn. I spent part of my youth traipsing around in used underwear that was discreetly donated by a benevolent wealthy family that had boys just a few years ahead of me. It certainly puts things in perspective…

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